Metalcam’s Forging Department is equipped with:

  • 6 mobile hearth heating furnaces with a loading capacity of 80t up to 300t, equipped with a centralized automatic controlled system of the heating cycles;
  • a 6.300 tons semiautomatic hydraulic press;
  • a 3.500 tons semiautomatic hydraulic press;
  • a 70 tons capacity manipulator;
  • a 36 tons capacity manipulator;
  • a 24 tons capacity manipulator;
  • a 12 tons manipulator on rails.

This equipment allows the production of a wide range of forgings of different shapes and sizes, weighing up to  35 tons.
The press power guarantees the production of a high degree core strength and grain refining to ensure the highest quality levels.

Heating furnace
Mobile hearth furnace for ingots heating
Ingots heating for forging
Heated ingot ready to be forged
6.300 ton press
Multiple forged bar
Press forging operation
Bush on a mandrel
Bore enlargement